​I . Vargas . The History of the Universe . 2 . The Fall of Lucifer and Beginning of Creation . The Voynich Manuscript

The long cherished dream of The Creator becomes reality. Now, as A Loving Father, creatures led by an eternity of peace and harmony. Because compliance with the laws of God, the Universe was expanding into happiness and glory. There was a strong bond of love, which all strongly united. Rational beings, endowed with the capacity of an infinite development, found unspeakable pleasure in learning the inexhaustible treasures of divine wisdom, and transmits them to like. Were as channels through which the Source of Eternal Life harbored all love and light.

In Jerusalem, the ministers of the kingdom gathered before the sovereign King, always ready to fulfill His purposes. Lucifer was through the Eternal made manifest His designs. After receiving a new revelation, he promptly conveyed to the angelic hosts. These, in turn, shared with creation. In swift flying angels were heading for the planets capital, where, in large assemblies, gathered representatives of other worlds. In many of these assemblies, Lucifer it was present, filling the participants of joy and admiration. Perfect in all virtues, he captivated with his sympathy. No other angel could reveal him as the mysteries of the Eternal Love. 

The Universe, feeding the Fountain of Life, was expanding an eternity of perfect peace. Obedience to divine law was the foundation of all progress and happiness. While mindful of free will, never climbed to the heart of any creature's desire to move away from the Creator. So it was for a long time, until this problem erupted in the life of the one who was the closest of the Eternal. Lucifer, who devoted his life to understanding the mysteries of light, he was gradually drawn to the darkness. 

The King of the Universe, in whose eyes nothing can be hidden, sadly followed in his footsteps descending the path that leads to death. At first, a little curiosity led Lucifer to approach that deep abyss. Contemplating it, he began to wonder why I cannot understand your conundrum. Returning to his place of honor beside the throne, bowed himself to the divine King, beseeching Him: - Father, give me to know the secrets of darkness, like me reveals the light. Before the request of beautiful angel, the Eternal, expressive voice with sadness, said: - My son, you were raised to the light, that is life. Convinced that the Creator does not reveal the treasures of darkness, Lucifer decided to understand the puzzle by yourself. He thought himself able to do so. With this sad decision, the prince of angels allowed to arise in your heart a stain of sin that could bring a catastrophe to the Universe. 

Only Yahweh knew what was in the heart of Lucifer. The angel who was created to be the bearer of light, was divorced in thoughts of the beneficent Creator who, in an effort to prevent the disaster, besought him to stay with Him. A tremendous fight began to catch up in his heart. The desire to know the meaning of darkness was immense, however, pleading that loving Father, who also did not want to lose the tortured. Seeing the suffering caused his attitude to the Creator, sometimes showed repentance, but returned to fall. 

Before creating the Universe, Yahweh had already foreseen the possibility of a rebellion. The risk of granting freedom to creatures was immense, but without this gift, life would be meaningless. The Lord did not want to rule over robots, programmed to do only His will. He wanted obedience were the result of recognition and love, so I decided to take the big risk. Yet to continue the search of the meaning of darkness, Lucifer did not intend to leave the light. Strove to achieve a combination of these parts, in the realm of Eternal coexisted separately. Finally, with a feeling of elation, devised a deceptive theory that aimed to present the universe as a new system of government than the rule of the Eternal. Called his theory "the knowledge of good and evil." Structured logic, the science of good and evil has proved attractive to Lucifer, like unveiling a sense of life superior to that offered by the Creator, whose kingdom enabled only experimental knowledge of good. In the new system, there would be a balance between good and evil, between love and selfishness, between light and darkness. Throughout the time that had matured in his mind the knowledge of good and evil, Lucifer knew to keep secret from the Universe. Remained at his post of honor, fulfilling the function of the Light Bearer However, for much he tried to pretend his face no longer showed joy in serving the Eternal. 

The divine King, who suffered in silence, looking through his revelations of love, rational creatures prepare for the big event approaching. Knew that many would hearken to temptation, turning him back. The night of the ordeal would stand, however, the true believers - those who served the Creator not by interest but by love. Seeing that the test time had come and that Lucifer was ready to betray Him before the Universe, the Eternal, who never ceased to reveal the treasures of His wisdom, became quiet and contemplative. The silence did revive the heart of the hosts of the memory of that first outing outer, when, after showing them the riches of the kingdom of light, Yahweh became silent before the abyss. Remember His words: "All the treasures of light will be open to your notice, unless the secrets hidden by darkness. You are free to serve me or not. Loving the light you will be connected to the Source of Life." Lucifer, who had come to covet the throne of Yahweh, asked Him why His silence. 

The Creator, staring at him with infinite sadness, said: "The hour of darkness. You are free to achieve their purposes." Seeing that the moment for the propagation of his theory had arrived, summoned angels Lucifer for a special meeting.The hosts, eager to know the meaning of the silence of the Father, took their places along the magnificent angel, who always had revealed the treasures of the kingdom of light. Lucifer began his speech extolling, as usual, the government of the Eternal. In a large retrospective, reminded them of the great revelations that enriched in whole eternity. The silent celestial presented it as an indication that the universe reached the fullness of knowledge from light. Silencing the Eternal them opened the way for the understanding of mysteries not yet probed, hitherto kept beyond the limits of his government. Surprises, the hosts took the experience of Lucifer knowledge over darkness. With eloquence, he spoke to them the knowledge of good and evil, showing how the path of the greatest achievements. 

The effect of his words soon made itself felt throughout the universe. The question was decisive and explosive, generating first contention. Rational beings, in their evidence, they had to choose to stay only with the knowledge of light, which claimed to be Lucifer reached its limits, or venture into the knowledge of the knowledge of good and evil. Earlier, the Angels have struggled on the matter, and soon after the entire universe challenged. Dir would be the knowledge of good and evil would garner most of the creatures, but gradually, many who initially became excited with theory, awakened to the illusion of it, reaffirming their allegiance to the kingdom of Light. At the end of that conflict, which dragged on for a long time, proved to be a third of the stars from the sky next to Lucifer, and the remaining, still shaken by evidence that beside the Eternal. The knowledge of good and evil was trumpeted by Lucifer as a new system of government. But how to exercise it, if the Eternal still reigning in Zion? Needed to find a way to push him away. The council, formed by the rebellious angels, passed on it. Decided to finally ask Him the throne for a certain time, which could demonstrate the excellence of the new system of government. 

If the Universe were approved, the new system would be established forever, otherwise return the domain to the Creator. So it was that Lucifer, accompanied by his hosts, approached arrogant of him suffering Father, asking him such a request. The Eternal was not ambitious, just wanted good to His creatures. If the knowledge of good and evil actually consisted in a greater good, if not oppose its implementation, giving the throne to his defenders. But He knew that path would lead to unhappiness and death. Moved by His protective love, the Creator denied the request of the hosts rebels, which turned away angry. The they are denied the throne, Lucifer and his hosts to accuse the divine King, claiming to be your government tyranny. Claimed to be his stay on the throne the clearest demonstration of his arbitrariness. 

There had granted them freedom of choice? For now we neutralize it, preventing them from putting in place a system of government more? The charges of the hosts rebels reverberated throughout the universe, making it appear that the government of the Eternal was unfair. This brought deep distress to those who remained faithful to the kingdom of light. Not knowing how to refute such accusations, these creatures, muted by the moral pain, longed for the time when new revelations coming from the Creator could clarify to them the mysteries of this great conflict. Accusations of blasphemy and hosts rebels reached the climax when the Eternal, a surprising gesture, rose from his throne, as it were ready to leave him. The infidels, in anticipation of an achievement, quieted down, while a sense of awe in the hearts of subjects penetrated light. He would deliver the domain of all creation, to deliver If the vilest allegations? According to the logic from which Lucifer grounded their teachings, there was no alternative to the Creator. 

This tremendous expectation, the Universe followed in the footsteps of Yahweh. In a gesture of humility, the Creator divested himself of his crown and his royal robe, deposing them on the target throne. In his countenance there was an expression of resentment or anger, but of infinite love and sadness. Solemnly, God proclaimed that the decisive moment had come when every creature should seal his decision to the side of light or darkness. A wide revelation, warned of the consequences of a break with the Source of Life. With the look of tenderness Creator contemplated their children. It was a look of humility, that full of love, begging them to stay at his side. Countless creatures, excited, corresponded to his kindly look, while a crowd stood crestfallen. Lucifer and his followers were aware of the seriousness of the moment. It was still possible to go back on their plans, indulging the repentant heavenly Father who always loved them. While downcast considered on the final decision, Lucifer and his followers heard the song of those who, in recognition and gratitude, placed themselves beside the Eternal. The last battle fought in the hearts of the infidels, strained, come to think contemplating His rebellious children, raised his voice a painful lament: 

"My children, my children! Now I cannot call them that! Wanted so much to have them in my arms! I remember when I graduated with care! You appeared happy and perfect in chord of hope in eternal harmony! I lived for you, covering them with glory and power! You were my joy, why have their hearts changed so much? What else could I have done to make them stay with me? Now my soul bleeds in pain for eternal separation! How will look at the empty seats where so often raised their voices in jubilant hosannas festive without me coming to mind a mix of happiness and pain?! Has infinite longing invades my being, and I know it will be eternal! Today my heart broke and broke up, will bear the scars forever! After proclaiming in tears as painful mourning, the Eternal, addressing himself to Lucifer, the cause of all evil, said: "You got a name of honor to be created. Now no longer call Lucifer, but Satan, the enemy the Creator and His laws. 

“After lamenting the destruction of the rebel armies, the Eternal, in slow steps, went into the garden of Eden, a place of Universal throne... Where would now be His dwelling place? The hosts of the faithful accompanied His reverent steps mysterious abandonment, unveiling a future that seemed difficult, suffering and humiliation. Rebels occupy the divine throne, desecrating it as the dominion of sin? This quest tortured the heart of the Eternal subjects. Leaving his beloved city, the Eternal Himself led light, amid the glories of the universe, toward the great gulf, about which hitherto silenced. If Ali was arrested once again muted while seemed to read in the darkness of a future big fights. Before suffering the Eternal expressed in the sadness of his countenance, the faithful could finally understand the meaning of that mysterious abyss: consisted of a symbolic representation of the kingdom of rebellion. 

In saddened face of Yahweh manifested finally a glow that the faithful cheered. Raising his powerful arms against the darkness, commanded loudly: "Let there be light." Immediately, the light of His presence filled the deep abyss, and triumphing over darkness, revealed an unfinished world covered by crystal clear waters. With this gesture, the Eternal began a great battle by claiming his government light; battle of love against selfishness; justice against injustice; humility against pride, freedom against slavery, life against death. Battle without truce would last until the dawn desired, the divine King could return victorious to the holy hill of Zion where, enthroned amid the praises of the redeemed reign forever in perfect peace. The darkness in his escape, pointed to the final annihilation of the rebellion. 

Abundant waters covering that world, hitherto hidden, symbolized eternal life to the faithful that would be conquered by love that sacrifices everything. The world was revealed to Earth. Visited by the darkness and the light, it would be the scene of the great struggle. 

Rejoiced the faithful before the triumph of light that first day, when darkness rolled in his fury on the planet, succumbing to it in thick darkness. The light, which seemed unsuccessful, reborn victorious in a beautiful dawn. At dawn the light of the second day, the Eternal commanded, "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide between water and water. “Immediately, the warmth of His light made immense amount of steam to rise from the waters, enveloping the planet in a blanket of transparency indigo. Thus emerged the atmosphere, with its perfect blend of gases that would be essential to life that soon would crown the planet.